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Natural Stone Restoration has been in the stone restoration business for over fifteen years and proudly remains a privately owned New Zealand company. Based in Wellington, we operate in the lower north island, but also work in other areas of the country when required to do so. With our years of experience and knowledge in the stone industry, we can restore, preserve and maintain your investment, adding value and lasting beauty for many years to come.

Stone is a precious material and should be treated with the utmost care. We believe that natural stone can transform an environment and give you years of pleasure. We understand different kinds of stone and by matching the stone to the right restoration procedure, your investment can be bought back to life. We can then provide you with a daily maintenance schedule to keep it looking natural and beautiful for a life time. Natural Stone Restoration can offer simple yet effective solutions from stone, tile and grout cleaning to mechanical stone polishing and sealing, throughout New Zealand.

Natural Stone Restoration imports a vast range of MB Stone Care Products from USA, which compliments the servicing side of Natural Stone Restoration. The homeowner and professionals can use this range of products with the greatest of ease to maintain there Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone and all other natural stones including engineered tiles. We do not use topical coatings like most other sealing companies in New Zealand. This, after a period of time leaves a dull tracking appearance in main thoroughfares and would then require continual maintenance at an additional cost.

MB Stone Care Product range is now available in New Zealand.

Natural Stone Restoration has now branched out into concrete polishing of new and old floors and waterproofing of concrete. We are affiliated with Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd, who manufacture and import products, designed especially for sealing, crack repairs and waterproofing of all concrete structures and floors. Working in conjunction with FBS Ltd; we can now offer this service to our customers at competitive rates.

Our team of technicians are fully qualified and have been trained in the United States and Australia, in stone and tile restoration. This education is an ongoing process, as new developments and product appear in the market, regularly.

Natural Stone Restoration Ltd is the leader in the stone restoration industry in New Zealand. Ongoing investment in technology and innovation has allowed Natural Stone Restoration to grow its knowledge base and product range to allow it to excel in the stone and concrete industry.

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