Expander 750
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Expander 750

Large areas are no longer a problem with the Expander. Due to its patented planetary system and gear changes, the Expander has delivers superior capabilities to polish marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete.

The Expander is ideal for the professional working in the flooring industry that regularly works on large projects. The Expander is ideal for leveling or grinding surfaces and for the removal of glue and residue from old floors.

The Expander can be used both wet and dry and with a large variety of accessories and diamonds available, all commercial flooring problems can be solved.


Expander 750


15 Hp (11 Kw




305 Kg

Work Section

650-750 mm


variable speed 300-1300 rpm


46 lt


3 x 240mm

Made in the Italy

Distributed by Natural Stone Products
A Subsidiary of Natural Stone Restoration Ltd
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