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Grout Cleaning Broom

Grout Cleaning. This broom is all you need to keep your grout lines clean. The grout broom is ideal for the lady of the house to maintain and clean grout lines with ease. Together with the MB-2 Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner, you can keep your grout lines looking like new.

This heavy duty broom has an extending sturdy aluminium handle for easier use, eliminating the strain on your back, from bending over or being on your hands and knees to scrub your grout lines.

With it's robust head, which swivels from side to side and the tough ' V ' shaped bristles that penetrate deep into the grout lines, you can keep your grout looking clean and fresh and free from dirt build-up and bacteria. This brush can be used on porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, marble, travertine, granite, limestone and all other stone floors. It even works wonders in the shower stall, along with the MB-3 Soap Film Remover, to remove the stubborn soap scum that builds up on the tiles and grout. The bristles will not scratch, chip, harm or discolour the tiles in any way. Working with the MB-2 Tile & Grout Cleaner, always let the chemical dwell -sit- for a few minutes without drying out, go into the grout lines with the brush and watch the dirt lift away. Always rinse off and then wash the floor with the MB-1 Floor Cleaner.

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