Stone and Tile Sealing

STONE and TILE SEALING by Natural Stone RestorationGranites, marbles and grout will stain if not protected with a good quality impregnating/penetrating stone sealer. Impregnating/Penetrating sealers for stone are all below-surface products and will not alter the original finish of the stone produced by the factory. They offer some protection to the surface of the stone, which allows time for the spill to be wiped up.

Stone sealers go inside the stone by being absorbed just below the surface thus reducing its natural absorbency rate. This will help prevent possible accidental spills of staining agents from being absorbed by the stone. Water-based impregnating sealers should be applied to newly polished marble to reduce potential staining. Rather than sitting on the surface, impregnating sealers provide an invisible subsurface seal, penetrating deep into the stone.

Some of the lighter Granite’s, Marble’s, Travertine’s and Limestone’s require a colour enhancer/sealer especially on a refurbished stone floor to bring out the natural colours of the stone.

Note: Sometimes, etch marks that an acidic substance will leave behind when coming into contact with the surface of some stones such as Marble, Limestone and Travertine may look like water stains, or water rings, but they are neither stains, nor were they generated by water. No sealer in the world will do anything to prevent these acid stains.

On most stone floors one coat is sufficient but for stones that are more porous than others, one application of impregnating/penetrating stone sealer may not be enough. On very porous stone and grout that need sealing, at least two applications are recommended, with at least two hours in between coats. To find out if your stone floor or stone counter top is perfectly sealed, spill some water on it and wait a few minutes, then wipe it dry. If the surface of the stone did not darken it means that the stone is perfectly sealed. Use this same test to determine when it is time to reseal.

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